OpenConnect 1.6.2 is digitally signed

By Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos

The OpenConnect VPN graphical client release of 1.6.2 is the first digitally signed version with a code signing certificate. Due to the digital signature users do not face big scary warnings from windows when attempting to download and run the installer. The software is signed with an open source code signing certificate issued by Certum that is part of the Microsoft Trusted Root Program.

Addressing the code signing issue was quite a challenge given that code signing assumes a dedicated system with a smart card for that purpose, while we operate on a distributed environment with code and build system on GitLab. To address this we have developed the necessary infrastructure to sign code as part of our CI process with p11-kit. Kudos go to Marios.

This effort wouldn’t have been possible without the sponsorship of OpusV. You can make a difference for this project by joining our sponsors.

PS. As windows has an additional reputation-based checker for newly installed software, a warning is still present until a certain threshold of users downloads and uses the new version.

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